Dream Journal

This is where I'm going to write down various dreams I've had thoughout my life. They'll probably be completely out of order. Also content warnings for all sorts of stuff probably; I'm not sure what all i'll be adding. If I need to write a real life person's name I'll replace it with a tree name or something idk

Secret Forest

May 14, 2022

I had a dream that I was going on a field trip for one of my college classes (unclear which one). We traveled to a secret forest that was kept unknown by the military and somehow snuck in. The trees had completely enclosed themselves into a warehouse-like structure, with tree-pillars all around and branch scaffolding connecting them. Because it was enclosed, the only light came from glowing berries and floating light sparkle things in the air. Our teacher went to grab at a lower branch/bar and it collapsed into dust on top of him. A tree pillar next to it fell when he leaned on it as well. We all started panicking, thinking that the military might be coming to catch us, and so the teacher grabbed an axe and tore open the "wall" (also made of trees grown together) until we reached daylight. It was overlooking a cliffside. We somehow got back to the dorm, where a strange glowing nook appeared in my room. At first, it just looked like a foot-tall square hole in the wall with yellow light spilling from it, but as I crouched down, it grew to the size of the entire wall. In it was some sort of angel girl of an unclear age, who said something to me and then grabbed my arm. I was transported through timp, seeing a few different points in my life, but eventually landing on me as a baby. I was in the doctors office for a checkup, unable to talk (cause I'm a damn baby) but still holding the knowledge of my actual age. I cried over my situation but was just called fussy by the doctor and my parents. I somehow knew this was temporary, but I was stressed nonetheless.

Scooby Doo

Dream 63 from my old phone, April 8, 2017

I dreamt that I was a different girl having a dream about being in a dark forest. I was young, maybe middle school aged in this dream. "I" woke up and walked to a dark little shop that to buy some stuff. There I met two boys who seemed really cool and we were going to go hangout at a hotel for whatever reason, but I spilled some scooby-doo style green goo on them. The dream immediately cut to All of us, as well a several others, on top of an enormous building with the wind whipping around. I think we'd developed some sort of powers but I don't remember what. The boys fell off the edge of the building and the girl I identified with in the dream ran back to her home. I saw her in 3rd person perspective opening up her closet and finding a lair of monsters and spirits within her house. She was going to a new school and foind it hard because the spirits began following her around, interfering with her work and talking to other students.

The one with Alton Brown

Dream 51 in my old phone, March 14, 2017

CW birth i guess

I was in japan riding on a superspeed train over the tops of a lush rainforest. Somehow I ended up stranded on the treetops as the train sped away, and I found myself with Alton Brown from Good Eats and his wife, who was going into labor. I had to help deliver the baby and once I had, Alton Brown was like,"That kid is yours now, peace" and I had to take care of it. They left somehow and I just cuddled and nursed the baby, and eventually I found a way to leave th lush forest. The dream cut to me several years later, driving my 2(?) kids to a new school in Boston or Baltimore or something. I think both kids were originally alton brown's, but I was now their parent. The school we were going to was some theater/smart kids school and I was expected to bring fancy tea and jif peanut butter for some reason. I got in an argument with another parent over whether it was pronounced jif peanut butter or gif peanut butter. It's weird that I nursed a baby and raised 2 kids in this dream considering I was like 15 when I dreamt this.

Haunted House

September 10, 2021

I had a dream about a haunted house where you had to sign a waiver that said stuff like "I consent to any and all psychological harm caused by this experience" and "I consent to any physical harm or death caused by this experience." The haunted house was an old hotel and you would go into each room only to find some personal fear or horrific experience. The halls were filled with random people wandering around and going into different rooms. To leave you would have to work your way through lots of rooms, some of which could physically harm you and many of which caused you to hallucinate horrible experiences. At the end, everyone was angry about being traumatized but an employee, some large dude, came out and was like "You agreed to this. Plus, don't you appreciate life so much mroe now?" and that seemed to convince about half the room.

Bookstore & Stuff I dunno

February-ish, 2022

I dreamt that I bought a fully furnished and lived-in house from my Agroecology teacher. When I actually started to move in, I kept finding more and more kittens hidden amongst the clutter. Afterwards, I biked down a busy downtown street to go to a new bookstore with a friend. The bookstore had big 'live laugh love' energy with a side of blue victorian classiness, so needless to say I was uncomfortable. There was a table in the corner with coffee and things, and I accidentally spilled sugar and rice crystals all over the carpet, which pissed off the person running the store.

Drug Shit

Early 2022

CW Drugs & maybe suicidal thoughts? Idk

This dream involved some penguin research facility that was set on a large boat. It was run by a woman that looked a lot like Red from OITNB. It turns out that the people at this reasearch facility were actually pirates and drug smugglers and I had gotten myself inadvertently involved. There was some huge store at one point tht knocked everything all around, and once it was over, I was given some of the drugs and got high. Some cops showed up in the boat somehow and, realizng that I was high, searched the ship to find all the drugs. Red was pissed. I felt horrible and decides to leave, but not before getting high one more time. I then wandered around P&C and saw my dad there. He saw that I was high and just said that he didn't blame me; he found the grocery store overwhelming too and could relate to wanting to not be there sober. He then told me about this new drug I was taking that came in a 32oz sprite cup. He hadn't tried it yet but I saw that many others had taken it and were immediately hooked. Something about it gave me the creeps so I snuck away to go chill in the woods, but somehow my dad appeared there as well. He gave a weird phony ad-like description of the drug, saying he'd taken it and that it was sooo nice and "it's very simple, all that happens is first you consume the drink, then it conumes you!" At this point his torso began to look like it was being consumed by this black tar substance, and he was babbling about how he could decide if he wanted to want to die or not (?). It cut to him in the kitchen of an old rental house we used to live in and my mom and I comforting my dad, who at this point looked like John Linnel from TMBG and was screaming about "I want to die, I don't want to die" over and over while hanging upside down off the countertop.

Weird Deer

September 6, 2021

I dreamt about a town in the woods at the baseof a gorge. It felt medieval (and also like minecraft?) but I had taken a subway there. At the top of a hill, there was a deer lying down with its eyes open. My old English teacher showed up and told me it was dead, even though its head was upright and swaying from side to side. My teacher walked up and made 8 vertical cuts down its stomach. A small garlic head the size of a pearl fell out of the bosy cavity and he said it was medicine and that the deer head was only there to protect it. Sure enough, I grabbed it from the base of its body and the deer head tried to bite me. I took the garlic to some elder government council guy and he ate it.


September 24, 2022

I had a dream that I kept getting crumbs everywhere as I was eating, and my roommate kept trying to clean them up as I was making them. I got so frustrated at the whole thing that I screamed "no!!" and I actually woke my roommate up yelling irl.