Rad sites around the web!

Like everything else on this website, this page is a work in progress. This page was for me to share and talk about all the cool websites ive seen browsing the web. I have a special love for old Angelfire sites that are still up and running.

Angelfire Sites

Azraela's Webage
This is the first angelfire site I became obsessed with. It's a personal page with an About Me Page, personal writing and photos, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanpage, and lots of lists and links. It feels a lot like the vibe many neocities pages seem to be going for; it's just an eclectic collection of things the creator enjoys and wants to add. The last update I could find was June 2003.

I just like this one, it feels very genuine. I'll write more about it in a little while.

Dawson's Creek Fanfiction
This one's even older; it was last updated on August 27, 1998. I like the barebones style and blue comic sans text. I've skimmed some of the stories here (despite knowing nothing about dawson's creek) and I would have to recommend "Things Do Happen" by Nadia (5th one on the site) for fans of so-bad-it's-good content. The story is My Immortal levels of incomprehensible and features song lyrics, overdramatic arguments, unrealistic dialogue, and even a dream sequence. I mean no disrepect to the author; their work, despite not being super high quality, has brought me genuine joy and I'm grateful that they wrote it.

Beth's King of the Hill Page
This is a fanpage made in 1997 to celebrate the TV show "King of the Hill". It's mostly made up of broken links and nonexistent images, but I still enjoy the novelty of a website just for King of the Hill. Judging by the amount of other websites linked, there seemed to be a thriving community at one point.

Pamela's Music Page
So much low quality audio, so many cheesy images! Pamela's Music Page seems to be primarily romance songs.

TomKatt's WB & Charmed Guide
I haven't watched Charmed so I can't speak to the quality of the info, but this is still a fun website to look at. Some of the pages are hard to read, but I think it adds to the *charm* (ba dum tss).

Roy Lewis Personal Page
This one was last updated in 2008 as far as I can too, but i has "current" photos from 1998, so I'm guessing it was being run for a good while. I has the personal stories, photos, and interests of a man named Roy Lewis. He's a veteran from the Vietnam War, so that's the focus of a lot of his pages.

The Stories AKA The Hanna-Barbera Fanfiction Collection
I did not know that there was a Hanna-Barbera fandom, so this was an interesting find. It's got some fanfiction and even a hand-drawn comic hidden in there!

10 Reasons Why I Hate Avril Lavigne
I don't know what to write about this one exactly, it's just a quite unconvincing list of reasons to hate Avril Lavigne.

Music Sites

Radio Garden
Listen to live radio all around the globe!

Every Noise At Once
See examples of every single genre that exists on Spotify

Free Music Archive
Public Domain and Creative Commons music

Restorativland Myspace Music
Music salvaged from old Myspace pages!

Other Cool Jazz

Tux Paint
Wanna relive my childhood? Download tux paint, its a free art software for kids!

Zoomquilt, The Infinitely Zooming Image
This one's pretty cool to look at. If you click on the left size of the screen, you can see some other infinitely zooming images they have made.