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What's up, I'm Jules! I'm a 21 year old living somewhere in the US. I forgot what I wrote last time I made a profile so idk what to put here really. I'm making this website because it's fun, even though I really don't know what I'm doing :o). More stuff about me: uhhh, I have bad balance, I've lived all over the country, I was afraid of escalators until 6th grade, and I've never seen an Adam Sandler movie.

this is my dog lucy!

I love movies, good and bad! A few faves: Spirited Away, True Stories, and Nope. Also Antonia's Line and House (1977) are weird but cool if you're into them. Some good bad movies I like: Mac and Me, No Retreat No Surrender, and Troll 2. Also Ready Player One but that one's not a capital-B Bad movie, its just corny :p.

Here are some things I think are great:
I love fungi and plants, especially growing plants for food. They grow in stange and fun ways, and the process of gardening feels super rewarding. I also love thunderstorms and giant trees and other cool things that nature can make. Ooh, and I love radios and old magazines! I'm a messy collector of both. I like American Sign Language too, but I've only taken one class so I don't know much yet.

Here's some stuff I dislike: